Our Resident Scholar


ASA WRWB! It is our pleasure to welcome Sheikh Souhayl Maronesy as TCIC’s Resident Scholar. Sheikh Souhayl is a North County resident who was born in Iran to Iraqi Kurdish parents. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from SDSU and a Master’s degree in Computer Science from UIUC. In addition to English, he speaks Arabic, Persian, and Kurdish. In 2007, he began studying traditional Islamic sciences under the expertise of Sheikh Hussein Yusef Maronesy who granted him the permission of public speaking (khitaba). After the passing of Sheikh Hussein, Sheikh Souhayl continued his traditional Islamic education; studying under some of the most distinguished scholars of our time. In 2019, twelve years after he began this blessed journey, he completed the traditional Islamic sciences curriculum taught in the Kurdistan region for hundreds of years (also known as the curriculum of the mountains).

He obtained his main Ijaaza Aaama (Islamic sciences degree) from Sheikh Zafir Khidhir Sulaiman who received his Ijaza Aaama from the late Mufti of Iraq, Sheikh Abdul-Kareem Al-Muddaris. He has also received Ijaazas from Sheikh Mamdooh Al-Mizoori (Erbil), Sheikh Saleh Al-Ghursi (Konya), and Sheikh Khalid Al-Kharsa Al-Dimashqi (Istanbul). Sheikh Souhayl has been granted permission to teach all of the Islamic sciences he has studied. These science include Tafseer, Hadith, Fiqh, Arabic grammar and morphology, Waz’, Rhetoric, Logic, Arooz (poetry), Tazkya, and the two principles (usuls), the Principles of Religion (Usul al-Deen or Aqeeda) and the Principles of Jurisprudence (Usul al-Fiqh). Sheikh Souhayl regularly gives talks and khutbas in different masaajid and is currently in the process of establishing a non-profit Islamic school and research institution.

As our Resident Scholar, Sheikh Souhayl’s responsibilities include delivering Friday Khutbahs (twice a month), leading certain prayers six times a week, delivering two lectures a month, providing instructional services at our Saturday School, leading Quran classes, based on community needs, twice a week, organizing and conducting Islamic studies classes for adults, providing answers to community members’ inquiries related to multitude of topics within his abilities and Islamic knowledge, and collaborating, as TCIC ambassador, with Imams and Scholars of greater San Diego to bring positive change in our communities.

It is a pleasure to have Sheikh Souhayl part of our community and our team!