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About Tri-City Islamic Center

Tri-City Islamic Center (Masjid Al-Aziz) has a story almost 15 years in the making. We started off as an overflow for Masjid-Al Ittehad in August 2007, this new entity was named named the Islamic Center of North County (ISNC). We operated and still continue to offer Friday Prayers at the Women’s Center, located on 751 N. Rose Street; Escondido, CA 92027. During our time there, we purchased land located on Rock Springs, but were unable to develop the land due to some constraints around necessary permits. In January of 2012, the North County community had grown so quickly, the decision was made to form North County Islamic Foundation (NCIF). NCIF opened its doors in Carlsbad, and still operates Friday Prayers at 3320 Monroe Street; Carlsbad, CA 92008. The two mussala’s eventually took a life of their own as they formed their own boards and went in their own directions, both with the same idea, to build a permanent and larger facility for the community in North County. In 2018, Allah SWT blessed our community, and we came together to pool our resources and work together with this renewed vision, the community was able to purchase the new location of Tri-City Islamic Center (Masjid Al-Aziz) on 2136 Industrial Court, Vista, CA 92081 with help of the efforts of every board preceding the current one, and with the help of community members who donated and helped to purchase this property.


The Tri-City location was chosen after conducting two surveys of the North County community to see where the majority of people lived off the 78. After navigating through several different properties and working with the city to attain proper permits, and ensuring that our future Masjid had everything the community could need such as ample parking space, classrooms, lecture halls, prayer halls, kitchens, with minimal to little improvement the decision to purchase the current location was made.

Masjid Al-Aziz’s name came as a suggestion from the largest donor and means ‘ "powerful, respected, beloved", derived from Arabic عزّ ('azza) meaning "to be powerful" or "to be cherished". In Islamic tradition العزيز (al-'Aziz) is one of the 99 names of Allah.’ It was also the name of his Father.

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