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Meet Our Imam

Hafiz Fayaz Nawabi


It is our pleasure to announce that Hafiz Fayaz Nawabi will serve as TCIC’s Imam/Religious Director. Imam Fayaz studied at Al-Ilm Institute where he became a Hafiz of Quran and received his core training as an Imam. 


He has served as an Imam and Youth Director for the past 15 years at multiple Masajid. He was also a founding member and teacher at Darul Uloom-San Diego wherein over a dozen students have completed their Hifdh of Quran. 


Imam Fayaz graduated from San Diego State University with degrees in Public Administration, City Planning and Japanese. He has extensive relationships with elected officials in California and is considered one of the most respected minds in the Political and Public Policy space. He has worked at Kaiser Permanente serving as their Government and Community Relations Manager. He currently works as the Political Director for CAIR Action.

Finally, Imam Fayaz is passionate about sports, surfing, snowboarding, comic books, video games and civic engagement. He complements his religious knowledge with his passions to serve our youths and the broader community. Imam Fayaz, his wife and four-year old daughter are very excited to join our community soon, Insha’Allah!

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