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President's Message


ASA WRWB Dear Community Members!  It is a privilege to serve you along with the rest of our volunteer board members and our dedicated Operations Team.  If you need to reach any member of the board or any individual from our Operation Team, please email us @ or We are looking forward to hearing from you and addressing your inquiries. Jazakum Allah Khair!


Abdullah Tahiri – TCIC Board President


Please see below members of our volunteer Board of Directors and Operations Team in alphabetical order:

Volunteer Board Members


  • Abdullah Tahiri

  • Altaf Godil

  • Nasreen Godil

  • Tazheen Nizam

  • Currently Vacant


Advisory Board Member


  • Basem Ilaian


Operations Team


  • Current Board Members

  • Aboubakr Elidrissi

  • Ahmad Bedawi

  • Ahmed Altelbani

  • Akram Ilaian

  • Angelique Umutesi

  • Burhon Nassir

  • Farouq Fardan

  • Hoda Khalifa

  • Iskandar Abdullah

  • Mike Khalil Anderson

  • Mourad Jamal

  • Muaz Kedir

  • Poran Gailani

  • Rafat Ilaian

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